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A History In Brief

Mariquita Masterson has been creating jewelry for over 30 years and is still going strong. It began while Mariquita was working with a glass blower designing a table setting for a museum gala here in Houston. When she saw the chunks of crystal ready to go into the furnace, the idea came to her of how beautiful they would be set as jewelry. So she got out a drill and made her start. In her store on River Oaks Blvd you will find the designs that came directly from this love of the crystal as well as a beautiful selection of colors, set in sterling silver and in vermeil. Sometimes she uses recycled glass, like from gin bottles, and sometimes she orders directly from glass companies that produce a variety of colors and textures. And sometimes she gets lucky and an antique vase shows up in pieces and she gets to make something beautiful out of the wreckage. Please come and visit and see her latest creations!

Come and see us!

2505 River Oaks Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77019